Proto Production Labs

Mission: Create machinery that provides cheap, accessible prototypes and low-volume runs in civic and environmental problem spaces.

Deepening existing inequalities

UN Global Compact COVID-19 Impact Brief

Looking at the whole system

Helene Steiner, FRAM3 Awards

“Evolution is no linear family tree, but change in the single multidimensional being that has grown to cover the entire surface of Earth.”
Lynn Margulis, What Is Life?

Materials Futures

Scientist & designers are working on materials that promise new ways of containing, combining, and growing raw materials. Zero waste materials are challenging the fossil industry’s precepts currently dictating society, government, and business.


Manufacturing is getting smarter and more agile. A return to microfactories—yes, an ancient concept—makes it viable to devote small production lines to prove these materials. Now, we have the capacity to build and wire the modular production to optimize for responsiveness & quality.

Market Desire

Consumers are wanting for solutions that reflect their values: durability, with a cap on lifetime; aesthetics, signaling care for the environment; unity of personal and global biomes, in ease—not disease.

And folks are tired of waiting.